Vivo Dead Sea Minerals Review-Normalizes Skin Balance Differences

Vivo Laboratories manufactures use finest ingredients such as Vitamins A and C, besides ensure superior performance and age-defying looks. Vivo Dead Sea minerals products for skin care is formulated to polish and remove the dying and dead skin cells right from the surface, thereby leaving a younger and healthier looking skin. This product is marketed by an American based company, Vivo.

Vivo Per Lei line-up includes facial peeling containingDead Sea minerals asserting good skin care without causing irritation. Even people with sensitive skin who failed to react well to peels in the past, find this peel as a viable alternative for skin care. Vivo Dead Sea minerals products is available worldwide, thereby it is helpful for people traveling a lot and also do not wish to carry the entire kit of skin care.

 Vivo Dead Sea Minerals – Where to Buy

Vivo products can be purchased from the website of the company directly and also from other online skin care retailers. Another option is to look for internet auction sites, but there is a catch here and that is to buy it only from trusted sellers. You can also thus avoid buying some expired product and enjoy the advantage of buying directly from authorized retail sites that do not perk the prices. Buying Vivo Dead Sea minerals products is worth the investment, as you consider the ingredients of the product.

 Vivo Dead Sea Minerals – Vivo Ingredients

Vivo products ingredients mainly include Dead Sea minerals and these are the minerals that are highly beneficial for the skin and they just eliminate the dead skin cells. These minerals assist in stimulating the enzyme reaction and balances the PH levels in the skin. Here are the details of the minerals and that they do actually:


  • Dead Sea Salt. Your skin requires minerals to ensure proper functioning and to maintain natural balance in moisture. As the moisture balance in your skin is lost, it results in flaky, dry skin or overly oil skin causing acne. The problem is owing to depleted skins materials and using Dead Sea Salt containing minerals in high concentration helps.
  • This mineral helps in skin cells and tissue regeneration promotion working on the skin as anti-allergenic agent. It also boosts protein synthesis and improves cell metabolism.
  • Bromine – Calms your skin, skin nerves and relaxes muscles with its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Iodine – Improves thyroid gland functioning and helps the metabolic exchanges of skin cells.
  • Sulfur-Contains essential vitamins and is a renowned therapeutic mineral. It is an anti-bacterial agent and natural disinfectant,thereby making it effective against acne. It also relieves skin disorder symptoms such as Eczema and Psoriasis.
  • Potassium – is the key regulator of moisture helping in preserving a neutral skin environment. Dry skin also is a deficiency of potassium and this also causes acne flaring up psoriasis.
  • Calcium – is a corrective tissue under the surfaceof the skin and it plays an important role in the protection of cell. It regulates the permeability of the cell membrane and normalizes the differentiation in skin cells.

The Dead Sea minerals also include sodium, zinc, manganese, strontium, boron and lithium favouring the skin.

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