Premier Dead Sea Products Review, worth the amount spent

Premier Dead Sea laboratories was founded in 1990 by dermatology and cosmetics group of experts having knowledge and good experience in the Dead Sea unique components. This laboratories is a major manufacturer having patented, award winning products recognized for its effectiveness and innovation around the world.

Premier is an international company having its sales in the United States, Singapore, Chile, Panama, Canada, UK, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Hong Kong, Peru, Portugal, Spain, France, Dominican Republic, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, The Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Austria, South Africa, Norway, Botswana, Ukraine, Switzerland, India and more.

The mission of this company is to offer effective skincare and this is done by combining the Dead Sea secrets and the wisdom of nature proving the advancement of science. Premier Dead Sea offers the best skin care taking with its Premier Dead Sea products casting a magic and bottles up the technology advances and wisdom of nature to deliver synergetic benefits that are also harmonious to your life and skin.

Premier Dead Sea Products  – What’s the Big Deal With Dead Sea Masks?

The philosophy of the Premier Dead Sea products is on the principle of science and nature in combination making luxurious skin care products. This is the reason that Premier Dead Sea offers high quality effective treatments that is rightly recognized over these years of innovation. These treatments are renowned for the abilities to renew and rejuvenate.

The Dead Sea on earth is the lowest point.  The Dead Sea unique water contains the highest minerals concentration in the world and is permeated with beneficial proteins created by algae and fossils. The waters have a 32% salinity as compared to regular sea water that features only 3% salinity. The salinity is to high levels filled with natural minerals featuring magical properties.

Premier Dead Sea Products – The Wonderful Healing Power of the Dead Sea

The advantage is that though other skin care products possess chemicals, the Premier Dead Sea Products are natural.  There are more than 150 products for beauty and body products. These products are applicable to women and men and cover the problems of many skin care ranging from taking care of your hair, skin and eyes. In fact Premier also has facial items, make-up and grooming products.

Products available include:

Moisturizers and Masks: Instant revitalizing and stretching mask, collagen, Seaweed mask, Moisture cream, Professional peeling mask and moisturizing emulsion.

Age Defying: Premier Biox Thermal Beauty mask, Biox Intensive cream for age treatment and Biox intensive serum for age treatment.

Ageless Future: Premium Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment, Ageless Future renewal serum and mask.

Treat and Cleanse: Pearl White Reflecting Cream Complex, Aromatic Body Butter, Eye Cream, Anti-Aging Cream, Eye Serum, Para-Pharmaceutical Facial Exfoliating Gel and dedicated Facial Serum with Vitamins E and C.

Using these Premier Dead Sea products for the first time shows effects immediately, especially the scrubs and masks. The tired ness and smooth feel can be experienced around the eyes. There is a rejuvenation of skin and the company has products more than one can imagine.

Premier Dead Sea Products deliver that they promise, but there is a need to shell out a little more price and it is worth every amount you spend.

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