Minera Natural Dead Sea Salt – Heal Naturally With Essential Oils

Minera Natural Dead Sea Salt is an extraordinary compound that is great for the skin and the bathing in Dead Sea salts infused with essential oils can help restore your body and replenish your soul.Minera Natural Dead Sea salt in particular has a very high mineral content when compared to other salts and is known for treating skin conditions and improving the body’s internal processes.

Minera Natural Dead Sea Salt Description:

1- It consists of 21 natural essential minerals that relax your muscles.

2- It can help your skin and relieves the skin problems like Psoriasis.

3- It contain an exclusive application of over than 40 minerals which are favorable to the skin

Minera Natural Dead Sea Salt – How it Works

Minera Natural Dead Sea Salts are imbued with the healing qualities associated with the sea water itself; and the value of these qualities is virtually priceless.Because the Minera Natural Dead Sea Salt and other minerals are so easily absorbed and penetrate so deeply, they have an impact on many spots of the body.

They alleviate pain, interact with and help balance the body’s natural minerals, are essential for normal metabolism of insulin and glucose, and help the body in the production of red blood cells.
Use the power of nature in a warm bath infused with ancient remedies,because the minera natural dead sea salt has been a source of healing for centuries, offering natural skin care treatments in its salt, mud and water


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