Dead Sea Skin Care Products – A Source Of Beauty And Health

A few months ago we talked about some of the great benefits and properties of the Dead Sea . Today, we tell you that after several research and development, Schaebens has launched a new cosmetic range about dead sea skin care products with active ingredients of the Dead Sea.

A line supported by several studies that confirm their high efficacy and demonstrate that as medical products for skin care are fully suitable for skins with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Shampoo Of Dead Sea

Schaebens provides a basic cosmetic care for fragile, dry, sensitive and dandruff-prone scalp. Both the hair and the scalp are cleaned more intensely. Irritated skin is calmed and both itchiness and erythema are reduced. Using this product continuously can prevents the appearance of dandruff again and visibly improves both the condition of the hair and the scalp. No coloring, no perfumes.

      • Permanently removes dandruff
      • Reduces itching

    Facial Cream Anti-Imperfections Of The Dead Sea

    The Schaebens Dead Sea Anti-Imperfections cream helps a cosmetic base care for imperfections, for example pimples and blackheads. Several dermatological tests have shown that it is also recommended for atopic skin. Its regular use visibly improves the condition of the skin. No dyes or perfumes.

          • Soothes irritated skin
          • Sebo Balancing Action
          • Visibly improves skin condition


    Exfoliant Facial Cream Of The Dead Sea

    Schaebens Dead Sea Exfoliating Cleansing Cream helps a cosmetic base care for imperfect skin,. Many dermatological tests proved that it is also suitable for atopic skin.

          • Deep cleans the pores of the skin
          • Prevents pimples and blackheads
          • Visibly improves skin condition

    Facial Gel Cleaning The dead Sea

    Schaebens Dead Sea Cleansing Facial Gel used for blackheads, whiteheads, acne and for large pores which is a basic care for our skin. Eliminates excess grease and cleanses it to the deepest pores. Suitable for all skin types.

        • Cleans pores deeply from the skin
        • Prevents pimples and blackheads


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