Dead Sea Mud Soap, A soap for all

Dead Sea mud Soap has unique qualities allowing the skin to look young, healthy and radiant. The Dead Sea black mud has the ability to help skin ailments such as acne and psoriasis. The secret is that it is opulent in elements and includes the salts and minerals of the Dead Sea such as potassium, magnesium, natural tar, calcium and silicon compounds.

Cleansing the skin using the Dead Sea mud soap removes impurities, dirt particles, toxins and the dead skin cells, thereby revealing a healthier and youthful skin. Another benefit is the ability to hydrate and moisturize skin. It has proven effective offering relief even for skin disorders such as eczema.

Earlier the Dead Sea mud was only used by queens like Cleopatra and pharaohs to have a better skin. In fact, ancient people soaked their skin in the Dead Sea waters to get relief from ailments and to rebuild good health. Now, people can use the skin care products and enjoy the healing benefit that offers minerals and nutrients, working as a skin moisturizer and helps reducing psoriasis.

The Dead Sea is a lake sitting between the West Bank, Israel and Jordan. The mud has high concentrations of minerals such as bromides, magnesium, phosphates and sodium. Through research, scientists found that Dead Sea mud is best for reducing inflammation and other skin diseases. It is a great way to hydrate skin and remove rough patches.

Obviously, the Dead Sea mud is from the Dead Sea. The mud starts in the mountain areas as alluvial silt. This mud, over time, is washed down by rain water from the mountains and it reaches the sea. In fact, this process is been going on for thousands of years and now it is build up the silt deposits making the entire area and the sea famous. This mineral-rich mud has boron, iron, potassium, strontium andcalcium that are prized highly by skin care companies.

Dead Sea Mud Soap  – How does it Work
The spa treatments and therapists relieve muscle pains using the Dead Sea mud as body wraps and it also gives a glow to the skin. The minerals in this mud helps improving the skin elasticity and thus it reduces the aging signs such as wrinkles or fine lines. The treatment is done by wrapping it as a layer around the skin and it stimulates the blood flow, while the oxygen and extra nutrients reach each tissue of the body. As the nutrients are brought by the blood, it removes waste and toxins.

Using the Dead Sea Mud Soap is beneficial as it immediately removes the dead cells layers from your skin offering a healthier skin tone. These dead cells go away giving way to regenerate new cells that are healthier and younger looking skin. Besides the freshness can be felt and as the blood circulation is promoted, the face becomes fresh noticeably. Thus, the acne causing bacteria and toxins get removed, while the face absorbs proteins and minerals from the soap. The best catchy part is that these soaps are ideal for all skin types.

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