Dead Sea mud mask Review

The Dead Sea located near the Kingdom of Jordan is the saltiest sea in the world. Apart from being salty, it has many properties that are cosmetic to us humans. The mud of this wonder sea alone contains up to thirty five vitamins and unique minerals. This Dead Sea mud mask with its high mineral content can be used to purify, detoxify and also revitalize the human skin. As the news about the Dead Sea’s healing properties spread around the world, more and more people are using the Dead Sea mud mask.

Benefits offered by this revolutionary mud mask

The Dead Sea mud mask is famous for its purifying and exfoliating qualities. Thus a face mask made from this mud carries these properties along with it. The mud pack also contains extremely fine granules in huge numbers. These granules help to clean the skin and remove all the impurities that cling on to it. The pack also rejuvenates the skin by clearing all blocked pores. Old skin cells that are dead are scrubbed away gently. The skin is also thoroughly moisturized by the pack to remove wrinkles and fine lines. This leaves the user with a youthful and bright looking skin. After continued use of the Dead Sea mud mask, many people have got rid of common skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne. Many claim that the Dead Sea mud can remove dark spots and prevent pigmentation of the skin. Apart from these there are many Dead Sea mud mask benefits waiting to be discovered.

Why is it necessary to use Dead Sea mud mask?

The Human skin is designed to replace old cells with newer ones. The dead cells fall off as time passes. But this process also creates many problems for the skin. The dead cells sometimes block the skin’s sweat pores. If left as it is, these cells form a layer over the skin thereby concealing its natural color and glow. The Adovia Dead Sea mud mask can remove all these dead cells. This reveals the natural skin and leaves it looking moisturized with clean pores. The mask can effectively freshen up and soften the features of the user’s facial skin.

Dead Sea mud mask recipe

Here is a simple Dead Sea mask recipe that is easy to prepare and use.

Things needed- Dead Sea Mud (Two cups), Oatmeal (Half cup), Peppermint Oil (One drop), Cosmetic Clay (half cup), Witch Hazel, Avocado, German Chamomile Oil (Three drops) and Lavender Oil (Four drops), One Egg Yolk.

The peppermint oil, German chamomile oil and lavender oil should be mixed with the Dead Sea mud along with all the other ingredients. The mix should be prepared carefully with continuous stirring for about five minutes with a flat faced spatula. Then the contents should be transferred into an air tight glass jar to prevent any unnecessary reactions with the air. This pack must be thinly applied to the face and then left for fifteen minutes. Then it has to be washed off with fresh warm water and the face patted down by a thin dry towel.

The Dead Sea mask benefits are many. One can use this revolutionary product everyday to have a youthful

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