Dead Sea Cosmetics

In our experience as a company specializing in the distribution of Dead Sea cosmetics products , we have noticed that more and more people are demanding for them because they know their properties for skin health.

The main importance of the Dead Sea is that its waters constitute a concentrated salt solutions, since it does not have a natural drainage. Its climate is warm and dry, that is why it causes an intense evaporation.

It contains more than 21 essential minerals that are not found in any other sea or ocean in the world, including magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium or potassium, which have active principles for cosmetics and therapeutic actions.

If you are looking for beauty products of the Dead Sea, we assure you that in Hispania we offer a wide and varied catalog of cosmetics for the hydration or exfoliation of the skin. Both the water, salts, muds and plants of the Dead Sea improve hydration and act in cell renewal when treating dermatological conditions.


Dead Sea Cosmetics

In Hispania we have a long professional experience in the sale of beauty products from the Dead Sea . We are sure that once you try them you will be surprised by its properties for the skin. One of the most important is that it exfoliates dead skin cells and at the same time cleans pores, as the salt collects oils and removes dirt. On the other hand you will see that when using Dead Sea creams will stimulate the blood circulation in the applied area.

The cocktail of strength and vitality offered by the Dead Sea cosmetics make them a reference in this sector. The products we offer in our catalog are for specific treatments to give high value for your skin.

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