Dead Sea Cosmetics – Experience the Healing Power of Dead Sea Salts

Dead Sea cosmetics have really become popular with women around the world, due to their rich mineral content and skin rejuvenating ability. People actually travel from all over the world to bathe in the Dead Sea and smear their body with the mineral-rich mud that lies underneath it. So manufacturers have made the process much easier by bottling up the goodness, and selling them as cosmetic products.

There are many healthy benefits to using Dead Sea cosmetics, and whether young or old you can certainly help many aspects of your skin and body by using them. Due to high mineral content contained in the Dead Sea and the healing properties they have, there is no wonder that it has become such a profitable and marketable property to use.

There are at least 21 different minerals found in the Dead Sea water and mud, and they are known for their healing and rejuvenation abilities. They can be used for many different skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, plus they can help to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Anyone can benefit from using the many Dead Sea cosmetics available, so we will take a look at some of the popular products that you can use.

Some of the popular Dead Sea cosmetics to use

AVANI is a line of Dead Sea cosmetics developed and manufactured by Dead Sea America Inc. They are 100% manufactured in Israel under the strict approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health. The innovative and effective skin-care cosmetics include ingredients such as minerals and mud of the Dead Sea, unique salts, and other natural ingredients.

These ready-to-use formulas have been thoroughly researched and developed according to international market standards. It is the company’s policy to offer products that are of supreme quality, particularly chosen and manufactured by experts keeping their natural beneficial properties intact.

AVANI Dead Sea Cosmetics have a range of cosmetics suitable for different requirements:

AVANI TimeLess

The ‘Timeless’ range consists of a Refreshing Facial Toner, Deep Cleansing Mud Gel, Purifying Muddead-sea-cosmetics-2a Soap and Mineral Salt Soap. All the products ensure natural deep cleansing. Salt, minerals and Dead Sea mud have been used as base for the making of products. Other ingredients- Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & C, Pro-vitamin B5 & Vitamin E, and Chamomile Extract. All products are for all skin types. To find out more about the TimeLess range click here

AVANI Face Care

These face care products are THE natural products in facial skin care and health. The face care range consists of Skin Renewal Facial Peel, Purifying Mud Facial Mask, Innovative Firming Eye Serum, Mineral Enriched Moisturizing Cream and Skin Balance Moisturizing Gel-Cream. As a cosmetic treatment, the face care range actively cleanses and purifies the delicate facial skin, leaving it refreshed and glowing. For the Avani Face Care products click here

dead-sea-cosmetics-3aAVANI Cleansing

The secret to a healthy, soft and clear skin are the natural products that contain both – cleansers and moisturizers. The Dead Sea mud, salt and minerals are well-known for their deep cleansing qualities. Thus, they are used as base for the formulas.

The Purifying Mud Soap is for all skin types. The Refreshing Facial Toner, Deep Cleansing Mud Gel, Mineral Salt Soap will provide you just the kind of cleansing you have been looking for. Get your Avani cleansing on today – Click here

AVANI Body Care

Perfect skin-care products are the ones that are based on natural ingredients and provide healthy looking skin naturally. The Dead Sea Cosmetics have created a host of body care products that give the best in natural body-care.

The products they offer in this range are Natural Mineral Body Scrub, Ultra Rich Body Butter, Nourishing Body Lotion, Velvet Hand Cream, Mineral Treatment Foot Cream, Mineral Therapy Mud, Revitalizing Dead Sea Salts and Dead Sea Mineral Mud. To get your Avani Body Care today at a discounted price – Click here

AVANI Nail Caredead-sea-cosmetics-4a

The Dead Sea Cosmetics company believes that appearance of nails is important and that they must be well groomed and healthy. So, they have come up with the perfect nail care kit to make sure your nails and cuticles are naturally healthy and polished. They all contain natural minerals from the Dead Sea. Essential Cuticle Oil and Relaxing, Refreshing and Exciting Nail-kits are the best out of the lot!
Get your Avani nail care on Amazon today – Click here


This mineral-based make up blends contain no harmful dyes, chemicals or talcs. They have a make-up range for your face, eyes and lips. Mineral Foundation Powder, Bronzer, Blush, and B.B. Cream! What better than applying a B.B cream that gives your skin a good start?

For Eyes they have it all from Eye-Shadow to Primers, to Eye liner, Gel Eyeliner, Maskara and Brow liner. And for Lips they have Lip Color Pot, Lip Plumper, or you can simply glide on their ‘Moisturizing Matte and Shimmer Lipstick! To see more Avani make up products – Click here

You must try the Dead Sea Cosmetics yourself to feel the difference they can make to your skin.

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