Benefits Of Dead Sea Minerals

The mud of the Dead Sea has demonstrated important benefits in health and particularly in the skin. Due to its high combination of minerals and trace elements, it has therapeutic and rejuvenating properties, they help to improve the health and beauty of the skin, which remineralizes, giving back luminosity and vitality.

The mud contains a large amount of mineral and sulphides which gives them an important antibacterial action and an improvement of vascularity.

Many Benefits in Dead Sea :

Cleanses the skin deeply, eliminates toxins and dead cells – Its hygienic properties help to detoxify, keep the skin free of impurities, achieving a decrease in pore size. Cleanses the skin in depth eliminating dead cells, internal toxins and impurities, and therefore protecting the skin from environmental contaminants and makeup.

As a natural exfoliant , it helps remove dry and hardened layers of skin surface, stimulating blood circulation and providing a healthy epidermis. It achieves a gentle exfoliation of the skin that stimulates the metabolism, regeneration and cellular renewal giving glow and youth to the whole skin.

But they not only purify the skin, They also manage to nourish the epidermis with an extra supply of mineral salts that is a perfect anti-wrinkle for devitalized skin. They achieve skin rejuvenation by renewing and regenerating their cells, toning and strengthening epidermal tissues. This delays the aging process, reduces wrinkles and softens facial lines.

They achieve a hydric balance of the skin , providing a rapid rehydration that reduces the irritation.

They strengthen the skin, giving it its natural flexibility, reducing lines of expression and wrinkles, improving elasticity and nourishing the skin.

Contribution of basic minerals for the balance of the skin that improve the state of the epidermis.

Muscle or rheumatic type problems – Dead Sea mud is rich in magnesium, which helps drain lactic acid from the muscle.

It improves the circulatory system, making it effective for the treatment of varicose veins.

Relaxing and soothing properties – Its soothing action is mainly given by the bromine that softens the skin and relaxes the muscles.

Anti-inflammatory Properties – Effective to treat different types of arthritis and sciatica, for rheumatic joints and pains.

Improves greasy skin and problems – Used as masks in seborrheic hides get to extract excess fat and avoid the formation of blackheads. Due to its high content of zinc it helps the healing of wounds, and prevent acne breakouts and dermatitis.

It has antibacterial properties, since the black mud rich in minerals has antimicrobial properties. Its antibacterial properties has high content of salt and sulfur.

Treating shampoos, whose formula includes black mud that favors circulation in the scalp. The continued use of this type of shampoo stimulates the growth of the hair and adds volume to it naturally.

Anti-Cellulite Mud – Dead Sea minerals salts are an excellent skin toner that by detoxifying and stimulating blood circulation greatly improves the condition of the orange peel.

It treats different skin ailments such as atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, early stages of mycosis fungoides, eczemas, lichen planus and psoriasis .



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