The Benefits Of Dead Sea Salts

The Dead Sea, located in Jordan, is given a less paradoxical name since its water and its properties are a true source of life and beauty:

  • Exfoliates cells in dead skin layer above the skin and cells in dead skin
  • Clean pores. Salt removes the dirt and oil from the pores.
  • Increase blood circulation. Soft abrasion increase blood flow.
  • Eliminates toxins. These toxins released through the skin which are removed when the salt is removed.

The waters of the Dead Sea, due to their high salinity, it has remarkable healing properties, together with the clay rich in minerals, combined with the climatic effect, used in natural spa to treat different diseases, such as diseases of the Skin, rheumatic diseases and even respiratory diseases.

Fortunately, today it is not necessary to travel to the Dead Sea to rejuvenate, recover, relax and relax. Because more or less these are the properties that the mud and its salts have. There are numerous cosmetic firms that use Dead Sea salts for bath salts, soaps, creams and cosmetics.

Why are Dead Sea salts effective?

When we age, the level of minerals in the body decreases, and as it is unable to produce them, it is important to supply them in order to recover them.

It should be noted that only two thirds of the Dead Sea is water and the other third are salts and minerals such as sodium, magnesium , zinc, bromine, iron, calcium and potassium . That contributes to the skin the amount of minerals needed.

Underneath the Dead Sea we can find the black mud, which is obviously rich in minerals, has great cleaning ability and acts as a perfect exfoliant removing dead cells.

The benefits of these salts are numerous:

In addition, all the benefits provided by these minerals help to improve the health of our body and its functioning, as well as to improve the appearance and condition of our skin.

In Germany and Jordan, studies have proven the benefits of Salt in Dead Sea in diseases such as rheumatism, dry skin, osteoarthritis etc…

There are international foundations which approve the application of the Dead Sea Salts as an effective and natural treatment to treat psoriasis.

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